Providing free confidential, practical and emotional support and information to anyone affected by crime.

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Are you a witness and being threatened?

It’s illegal for anyone to threaten or intimidate a witness. Contact the police as soon as possible.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-Social Behaviour comes in many forms and involves behaviour or actions that have an adverse effect on the everyday lives of others.

There is no comprehensive list which covers all Anti-Social Behaviour however many of the most reported problems include:

  • Youth disturbance
  • Neighbour disputes
  • Fire-raising
  • Harassment
  • Verbal abuse
  • Stalking

Children can also be affected by Anti-Social Behaviour both at school and within their community and may find it difficult to talk about their feelings due to fear of reprisals or getting into trouble.

Everyone reacts differently to being a victim of Anti-Social Behaviour. Some may have immediate reactions, while others may not display anything for weeks or months.

It is important to remember that anti-social behaviour can happen to anyone and can leave you feeling angry, worried, isolated and unsure where to get help and advice.

Who are we?

Victim Support Scotland is a charity based organisation that provides practical and emotional support to people affected by crime. The organisation understands the impact that Anti-Social Behaviour has on individuals and communities and has experienced staff and volunteers who are on hand to offer advice and support during what can be a very difficult time.

Anti-Social Behaviour is difficult to cope with due to the fact that by the time it is reported, the problem may have been ongoing for some time and can even have built up over years. The emotional support that Victim Support Scotland can provide ensures that the victim will have someone who can listen to them impartially and provide a listening ear when the pressure becomes too much to handle.

What we can offer in relation to Anti-Social Behaviour

We provide free, confidential and independent support by telephone, home visits or office appointments – whatever suits you best.

We can advise on personal safety issues and crime prevention advice, such as arranging for fire safety visits, or crime prevention surveys. In some areas, we can also refer over to home security schemes that can provide further practical help.

We offer time to talk, supporting victims whilst they express and work through the emotions they are experiencing whilst being impartial and non-judgemental.

We can provide information about the role of other agencies and the procedures involved in addressing Anti-Social Behaviour.

We can liaise with other agencies on your behalf, such as housing officers, and Anti-Social Behaviour Investigation teams.

Further to this, we can provide information of other agencies.

We can also provide support at Court should the case progress to this stage.

Getting in touch

If you feel Victim Support can help, you can ask the Anti-Social Behaviour Team or your Housing Officer to make a referral to us on your behalf.

Alternatively you can contact us at:

Victim Support South Ayrshire
McAdam House
34 Charlotte Street

Tel: 01292 266441

Email: [email protected]

Victim Support North Ayrshire
Sovereign House (Suite2)
Academy Road
KA12 8RL

Tel: 01294 277040

Email: [email protected]

Victim Support East Ayrshire
Civic Centre North
19 John Dickie Street

Tel: 01563 540252

Email: [email protected]


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