Providing free confidential, practical and emotional support and information to anyone affected by crime.

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Are you a witness and being threatened?

It’s illegal for anyone to threaten or intimidate a witness. Contact the police as soon as possible.

What We Do

Help For Victims

People can suffer greatly in the aftermath of crime and may experience a range of reactions, depending on the severity of the crime. These may include headaches, insomnia, anxiety, relationship problems and a temporary inability to cope with everyday living. These are all normal reactions following a crime, however some people may need help to deal with them.

Everyone will be affected by crime at some point in life, either directly as a victim or witness of a crime or indirectly through family, friends or work. The Victim Service is here to help people with the aftermath of crime.

Free and Confidential Information

Victim Support provides victims with free and confidential emotional and practical assistance and information about the criminal justice system. Trained volunteers and staff deliver this assistance throughout Ayrshire. There is a victim service in North, South and East Ayrshire. To find your local service, refer to our contacts page.

How we give support

This support can be provided in a variety of different ways:

  • We can visit you in your home or at a neutral location
  • We can arrange an appointment in our offices
  • We can provide support over the phone
  • We can provide information about other specialist sources of help for victims

Victim Support does not provide financial assistance or professional counselling.

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